Meet Dr. Linda Krebs

Rigali & Walder Orthodontics is happy to announce the addition of a third doctor to serve the Pioneer Valley in their three locations, Amherst, Easthampton, and Northampton. The newest addition to the Rigali & Walder team is orthodontist, Dr. Linda Krebs.

Dr. Krebs brings 14 years of experience in orthodontics as well as a significant background in orthodontic education and research. Dr. Krebs grew up in the small town of Angelica in Western New York State. She earned her Doctorate of Dental Surgery and PhD from the State University of New York at Buffalo and graduated from the Orthodontics Division at the University of Connecticut School of Dental Medicine in Farmington, where she continued on for a number of years as a full time and then later a part-time faculty member.

In 2005, she settled in Medford, Massachusetts with her family and began working in private practice in the eastern part of the state. She is happy to now make her home and raise her family in the Pioneer Valley.

Dr. Krebs is excited to join the practice of Drs. Linda Rigali and Joan Walder. The doctors share a commitment to excellence and the same philosophy of care for their patients, making working together a great fit. Dr. Krebs truly loves her work and is excited to team up with orthodontists who share her passion. She particularly enjoys applying the science and artistry of orthodontics to create a healthy bite and to transform her patients’ smile.  

Dr. Krebs notes, “Every day we get to see just how powerful having a smile that you love can be for our patients. I love to watch our patients blossom, becoming more confident and radiant as their smile improves. The smile and healthy bite that we help our patients attain will be with them for life—that is truly priceless. To think of the number of people that each of our patients may touch with the smile they share, the celebrations that they’ll have throughout their lifetime because they will feel free to smile and won’t hold themselves back; it is simply awesome. I can’t imagine a more rewarding career than orthodontics!”